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For over 20 years I’ve had the honor of working alongside the pioneers of faith-based movies, launching some of the most successful Christian films in history.  Working closely with the Kendrick brothers, the Erwin brothers, Devon Franklin, Randall Wallace, Mel Gibson, and many more, I’ve endeavored to help connect influential Christian leaders with the opportunity to utilize spiritually uplifting and inspiring stories to encourage and challenge the body of Christ as well as move the hearts of those outside of faith to seek hope in Jesus.

As whole new technologies and startups continue to put pressure on the traditional movie-going experience, the market for quality Christian productions is just growing larger.  I believe this is because a good story makes all the difference.  And thankfully we are part of retelling the ‘greatest story ever told’ for a new generation.

We are on the cusp of a digital story-telling revolution, one which has never been imagined in the history of this world.  There’s more opportunity than ever before for Christian artists to get their message out.

If my team or I can help you with your film or online project, contact us right away.  Because the world is more reachable now, hungry for inspiration, and searching for truth.

Our best days are ahead!


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At Catalyst, we’re always looking for the next great story we want to take mainstream.  If you’ve got a project in the works, reach out to us.  With our years of experience we can help with direction, funding and marketing.

We’re excited about so many more talented artists who are serving the Lord with their efforts.  That’s why we believe it’s a team effort to bring quality movies to the marketplace.  And we have the contacts and relationships to bring the right people together to make it happen.

So if you’ve got a film or documentary, send us a Vimeo link.  Or, if you’re really a hipster feel free to mail a VHS.  Just give us a few days to find a machine to play it on.

We promise to watch it!


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