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Make your ministry available directly through Google Play and Apple App store with your very own apps.

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As a pastor, you need your sermons (live streams and recordings) to be as accessible as possible. However, you also need to go easy on your media team (often volunteers) and on your budget.

Enter Catalyst Resource Group’s own live stream platform,…

As a church, it’s important that you stream your church service to your app. If you don’t have an app, please consider

If you use to its fullest, you can hit multiple access points with a single action. We provide you with; embed-anywhere Players, easy Social Network access & sharing (free live streaming to Facebook and YouTube), Podcast feeds, and Mobile Apps.


  • Increased exposure and searchability
  • Easier access for your congregation
  • Adds stature to your ministry

For many ministries the thought of creating and maintaining their own app is just too much to manage, or price prohibitive.

Fortunately, we have a simple, low-cost solution at the ready!

OPTION 1: You can perform the app creation and submission process yourself. 

There are no additional fees from for the custom Apps, if you do it yourself. However, you will need your own developer accounts with Apple ($99/year) and Android ($25 one time fee). Those fees are paid directly to Apple and Google, through the accounts you will create with each of them.

OPTION 2: Let us do it for you!

If you would like us to create the apps and host them for you, the cost is just $125 / app (one-time-fee). Let us jump through all the hoops, and also remove the yearly fee associated with maintaining your own app. 

Increase your presence by providing more access points, WITHOUT adding to your workflow!

* Information regarding your own Apps:

* information regarding the Network / Portal Apps:

If you are interested in learning more about Catalyst Resource Group’s own live stream platform, take for a spin with our Risk Free Trial.

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Kyle Thompson

As the President at Catalyst Resource Group, Kyle Thompson helps engage an audience of thousands of leaders at churches and other non-profit groups with streaming services and ministry resources. Since 1994, Kyle has worked to bring messages and stories of faith in movies and tv through over 50 feature films and documentaries, including I Can Only Imagine, Breakthrough, Just Mercy, Heaven is for Real, The Passion of The Christ, Fireproof and Hacksaw Ridge.