The More Details, The Better Archive

Little details will make your sermon archive more search- and user-friendly!

Religion Christianity concept. Man holding and reading the holy Christian Bible.

As a pastor, you pour your heart and soul into the sermons you prepare.  The dedication and discipline required is often underappreciated… but the effects can be Kingdom changing!

Week-after-week, you map out your topics, and begin your study and preparation.

And now for an important reminder: the sermon you preached 3 months ago may be exactly what someone needs to hear today.

That someone may do a search for something that is weighing on them, and find exactly what they need —when they need it— on demand! Thanks to your online ministry.

To that end, we strongly encourage you (or your media team) to take a little extra time (just a minute or two), and provide additional details when describing the new sermons you add week after week.

Through Catalyst Resource Group’s own live stream platform,, you are able to add  a descriptive title, keywords, and a brief but informative description. Adding a speaker, series, and scripture reference, as well as custom artwork can further define your media archive.

For years to come, people in search of something specific will appreciate it… you could literally change someone’s life!

If you are interested in learning more about Catalyst Resource Group’s own live stream platform, take for a spin with our Risk Free Trial.

Kyle Thompson

As the President at Catalyst Resource Group, Kyle Thompson helps engage an audience of thousands of leaders at churches and other non-profit groups with streaming services and ministry resources. Since 1994, Kyle has worked to bring messages and stories of faith in movies and tv through over 50 feature films and documentaries, including I Can Only Imagine, Breakthrough, Just Mercy, Heaven is for Real, The Passion of The Christ, Fireproof and Hacksaw Ridge.