The Humble King cometh

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Donkey that carried JesusWould we have chosen the humble donkey to carry the King of Creation?

There’s something endearing and simple about Jesus, the gracious teacher, choosing the foal of a donkey to make his ‘grand’ entrance into Jerusalem, the City of David, the City of the Great King.

“Imagine…just as he crests the Mount of Olives and comes to a stop. The noise of the crowd washes over and down the west side of the Mount of Olives.

 The uproar crashes into the Kidron Valley and onto the east side of the Temple Mount, echoing back to the Mount of Olives. Over an area so large, hundreds of acres with thousands of campfires smoke like pots of incense, fires of sacrifice. 

The sun reflects off of the golden Temple, through the smoke of more fires of sacrifice. 

Jesus rides down the west side of the Mount of Olives, people throw palm branches on the path in front of him. Some throw their cloaks on the ground. The crowds near Jesus are delirious with joy. Some know and some don’t, but Jesus is fulfilling the prophecies of Isaiah and Zechariah of the King of Israel entering Jerusalem.

Holy Jerusalem

And the unridden colt is a critical piece of the prophecy.

The people around the fires in the huge valley look up at Jesus, they see him as their king, their Messiah, they cheer, chant verses from the Scriptures. 


      “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” 

                                                                     “Blessed is the King of Israel.” 

                                                                                           “Hosanna to the Son of David.” 

But Jesus can be seen crying. Maybe those around him thought he was overcome with the welcome, but if you were close enough to hear the few tearful words…it is a lament over Jerusalem.”

This is just 1 of 165 ‘eyewitness’ accounts from the genre-busting EYEWITNESS BIBLE SERIES.  Check out the Easter Series and especially the Palm Sunday video. 


Palm Sunday - Eyewitness Bible Series

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