So Why Movies?

I get it, not everyone likes movies

But it’s also like pizza. It’s hard not to like it at least sometimes. Ok fine, most people do like movies, but why should you care?

Because it’s not really about movies. Movies are a tool. My real goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and help make fully committed disciples.

One of my mentors in the Christian movie industry, Tom Newman, made a lasting impression on me. He had a simple but revolutionary insight that the Gospel presentation is essentially a story. And films are an excellent way to reach a sight and sound generation with the greatest story ever told.

So in spite of our best sermons and worship services many people can’t remember what happened on Sunday morning two weeks ago. But ask people about a movie they saw two years ago, and you guessed it, they can remember it.

There’s something almost magical about the way we absorb what’s portrayed on the big screen. And probably more than we realize, the art we see affects the truth we believe. That’s why I love promoting quality Christian media which exhibits an eternal characteristic of our Lord.

Thankfully, more and more gifted Christian artists are producing first-class films and documentaries. And many of these offer you the chance to start a conversation with the public using the film as a parable.

If you’d like, I’ll keep in touch with you about some of the projects we’re working on which I believe are worthy of your attention. So be sure to stay in touch. And if I can ever help you, please reach out to me right away!


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