Live Chat on Your Live Stream

With a account, your Sermon Studio is full of features, all included at no extra cost, that were developed to help your ministry better present the Gospel.

Hebrews 10:25 demonstrates that the primary function of a service held in a church building is for disciples to come together to worship and edify one another. “Assembling together” is an opportunity to personally connect, comfort one another, share stories, and celebrate the freedom and hope that can only be found through the person of Jesus Christ!

2020 significantly impacted our ability to meet and interact with each other and as a result, Catalyst’s own live streaming platform,, provided the LIVE CHAT module, a very popular feature. 

Though it isn’t meant to completely replace the depth of connection that in-person interaction provides, it definitely personalizes the online experience. Interacting in real-time; before, during, and after the service helps the worship experience feel more ‘human’ and less impersonal.

Live Chat Module -

Activating this feature adds a deeper dimension to your online church community.  We suggest that a volunteer or staff member moderate the chat room during services, including taking prayer requests and other questions.

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(Chat is a free feature within the Media Center.)

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Kyle Thompson

As the President at Catalyst Resource Group, Kyle Thompson helps engage an audience of thousands of leaders at churches and other non-profit groups with streaming services and ministry resources. Since 1994, Kyle has worked to bring messages and stories of faith in movies and tv through over 50 feature films and documentaries, including I Can Only Imagine, Breakthrough, Just Mercy, Heaven is for Real, The Passion of The Christ, Fireproof and Hacksaw Ridge.