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Joseph is probably the most “cinematic” of Bible stories. Dreams dreamed…Love, Betrayal, deceit, love lost, dreams shattered, dreams restored…bottom of the well, bottom of the slave quarters, bottom of the prison…raised up to greatest leader in the world. The ultimate revenge on his haters…but in Joseph’s own words, Humility was the story that best tells his tale.

In this episode from Eyewitness Bible Series, Joseph sheds light on his journey to becoming the 2nd most powerful man in the world and the creator of the first recorded national stimulus package.

This is just 1 of 140 ‘eyewitness’ accounts from the genre-busting EYEWITNESS BIBLE SERIES. 

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What can you do with the Eyewitness Bible Series at your church?

  • Download and run it ‘as is’ in your church service or cut down the videos as sermon openers.
  • Use any part of the videos as a sermon illustration in your service.
  • Share the videos for personal or small group study
  • Use the scripts (and original music) as a small group or Sunday School acting (lots of Youth Pastors have been using this method to better connect with youth and get them involved).
  • Feel free to use in the Online Live Stream services or even share through your website or social media.

There’s almost nothing you’re restricted from using the videos with exception of ;

  • Unfortunately, the contracts with the actors don’t allow for the videos to be run on Broadcast TV.
  • No one can use the artwork or videos to sell any products or services–but your church can use it to promote your church or any outreach you’re doing!

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Kyle Thompson

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