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Since 2005, has been the original live stream platform for Christian churches and ministries.  As a non-profit digital ministry of Catalyst Missions Group, is focused on expanding the Kingdom of God through live streaming and on-demand teaching and preaching. If you or your church doesn’t currently have a Sermon Studio, simply sign up for a FREE 14 day trial here.

The Power of Your Live Stream Archive_feature

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Why Not Autofill your Podcast Delivery?

Did you know that immediately following your Church Live Stream you can add a recording of your stream, in whole or in part, to your on-demand Playlist?

Archived Content

During these times, every church is interested in keeping their members connected through Live services, but the nature of media today is to share it when it’s really good…And this past Sunday’s message was so good that you need to save and get it shared!

  • To start, simply preview the live recording within your Sermon Studio.
  • Next, set the START and STOP points on the file’s playback timeline to trim “heads & tails” off of the media. (Some ministries will stream the full service-worship and all, but only archive the message portion.)
  • Your Sermon Studio will automatically create and store a video file as well as a companion audio file from your live video stream that you can set to automatically populate your iTunes, Google Podcast, and Spotify podcast feeds.

That’s It!

Now…ask your congregation members, in service,  through an email request and through your social platforms, to consider just 1 person that they could share this past message by email, text, or on social media.

If you’re a client and have any questions, simply submit a service ticket through your Sermon Studio account.  If you’re not, you can sign up for a FREE 14 day trial.

Click BELOW for more information on Trimming and Publishing your Live Stream:


Kyle Thompson

As the President at Catalyst Resource Group, Kyle Thompson helps engage an audience of thousands of leaders at churches and other non-profit groups with streaming services and ministry resources. Since 1994, Kyle has worked to bring messages and stories of faith in movies and tv through over 50 feature films and documentaries, including I Can Only Imagine, Breakthrough, Just Mercy, Heaven is for Real, The Passion of The Christ, Fireproof and Hacksaw Ridge.