Are you under-using your online sermons?

We want to say a special thank you to all the fathers that have dedicated themselves to providing the love and support that their family depends on.

We encourage you to continue to fight the good fight and be strong, courageous, and compassionate. The world depends upon you to help raise the next generation of fathers, mothers, workers, leaders, and most importantly – Disciples of Jesus Christ!

“In all your ways acknowledge the Lord, and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:6

Pastors, we call on you to provide sound Biblical teaching and instruction that will edify the fathers in your congregation and online audience.

To that end, a Sermon Studio can provide you with the ability to create multiple Playlists of content for a specific group or audience. You can then share these Playlists through separate players and podcast feeds.

We encourage you to do more than just add another recording to your list week-after-week. You should also group your content into unique Playlists.

For example, you can provide a special Playlist just for the fathers in your audience, with messages that will benefit them specifically. Share access to this content through a dedicated page within your website or a direct link to a Media Center. Then, promote this content through your social networks, email & text lists, bulletins, small group gatherings, outdoor signage, etc.

* Give this video a look. It will show you how to create a unique Playlist, assign specific episodes to it, then provide access through your players and podcast feeds.

In the month of June, we also celebrate Juneteenth, commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans on June 19th, 1865. We pray for continued understanding, healing, and a coming together of all people across this nation, as we do our part to truly make it One Nation – Under God!

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