Are you Streaming in just ONE Click?

Keep It simple for your media team & volunteers!

The Goal: Get it as close to a “one-click” process as possible.

These days, your church’s Live Streaming should be simple, requiring as few steps as possible to make it happen. For example, you should not have to log-in to multiple sites and schedule / replace codes week after week. 

For ministries that have volunteers running the show, you do not want to have to train them across several interfaces. That opens the door to failed streams.  

Give this information a look. Then, if you need any assistance getting the process dialed in and simplified, let’s schedule a call and make it happen!

Below is the most common method:

  1. Configure your RTMP encoding hardware or software. You only need to do this once. You should NOT have to change/update anything moving forward. The stream credentials are persistent and will not need to be modified between broadcasts. Set & Forget! [A popular RTMP encoding software is OBS (free download for MAC and WIN). The ATEM Mini Pro is a popular hardware encoder that eliminates the need for a computer system.  We recommend sending your stream no lower than a bitrate of 2000Kbps @ 720p. Keyframe interval of every 2 seconds… and the native framerate of the camera -typically 30 fps. NOTE: Those are just recommendations. If you’d like a personal consultation, simply email our streaming service at  Every new trial gets a free 30 minute consultation- a $75 value.]
  2. Have a Player for your live stream embedded directly into your website.[You only need to embed the Player once. Moving forward, your live and on-demand content will automatically be updated and available.]
  3. Configure your Restreaming destinations. The most popular destinations are Facebook and YouTube. You only need to configure your connections once. Any time you send your live stream to us, we will automatically send it to your social networks/destinations.
  4. An auto-publish feature will allow you to automatically take the recording of your live stream and add it to your Players, Apps, and Podcast feeds for on-demand access following the broadcast.[Alternatively, you may want to trim/edit the original live recording before adding it to your on-demand archive. For example, you may want to live stream the entire service but only archive the    message portion.]
  5. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Just open your encoder and press Start to go live; then press Stop in when the service is over. THAT IS IT! If you are doing more than that, reach out to us… We may be able to help, simply email our streaming service at

* This video will show you how our provider,, works for ministries… Set and forget it!

Perhaps we can help you re-work your workflow to make it as close to a one-click process as possible. Please let us know. We are here and always happy to assist! If you’d like a personal consultation, simply email our streaming service at  Every new trial gets a free 30 minute consultation- a $75 value.

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